"The aim of the journal, issued annually, is to familiarize readers with the scientific achievements of international researchers and to promote Polish research on childhood and children’s literature abroad. Filoteknos, which was founded by prof. dr hab. Ryszard Waksmund, is supervised by the staff of the Department of Popular Literature and Children’s Literature (Institute of Polish Philology), the Department of Methodology of Teaching Polish and Polish Literature (Institute of Polish Philology) of the University of Wrocław, as well as the international Scientific Board. The editor-in-chief of Filoteknos is dr. hab. Dorota Michułka, while dr. Mateusz Świetlicki (Institute of English Studies, UWr) and dr. Kamila Kowalczyk serve as the vice editors-in-chief. The original version of the journal is the printed version.

"The journal includes research from renowned Polish and international experts in their respective fields. All submitted papers are subject to double-blind peer review process by two reviewers who are experts in the area of the particular paper. The reviewer and author cannot be affiliated with the same institution."

So far, ten volumes have been published: Filoteknos, vol. 1/2010; Filoteknos, vol. 2/2011; Filoteknos, vol. 3/2012 (Thematic number: "On Childrens Literature Adaptation "); Filoteknos, vol.4 / 2013/2014 (Thematic number: "Mimesis and Beyond in Fictional Worlds"). vol. 5/ 2015 ( Thematic number: "The Fansatic Realms"); vol. 6/2016 (Thematic number: "Mentor in literature, culture and education. Do we need one today - Part I?", vol. 7/2017 , vol. 7/2017 (Thematic number: 'Mentor in Literature, Culture and Education. Do we need one today? - Part II); vol. 8/2018 (Thematic number: "Perspectives on Russian and East European War Childhood"); vol. 9/2019 (Thematic number: “Child and Play. Imagination – Expression – Education”); vol. 10/2020 (Thematic number: “Reading – Experiences – Emotions. Literature for Children’s and Young Adults – Theory and Practice of Reception”)


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